About The Event

Join us on Monday, March 9 for invigorating TED-style talks and interactive plenary sessions to close the wealth gap and end systemic inequality. All attendees will finish Day One having identified 2-3 actionable solutions to pursue. On March 10-11, Interise businesses, partners, and instructors will convene for hands-on, tactical breakout sessions.


Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor
Boston, MA


Monday to Wednesday
March 9 to 11, 2020

A new era of economic development

In a time when the United States exhibits wider disparities of wealth between rich and poor than any other major developed nation - join us to create an inclusive economy that works for everyone.

Interise is convening visionaries, practitioners, and small businesses who are actively changing the model of economic development, making sure to address the systemic issues that prevent sustainable change and impact. #SolveIt

Everyone has a role to play.

Business owners are our economic heroes, and this network plays a crucial role in supporting their growth and success.

Scaling small minority-owned businesses and those located in low-income areas addresses inequality head on – creating wealth for the business owners, employees, and their communities. But business development is only a piece of this system-wide problem. #SystemsChange

Become a Solver!

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Our Agenda


TED-style keynotes and interactive plenary sessions designed to drive challenging, yet necessary, conversations on building an inclusive economy. All participants will take away 2-3 actionable solutions.


Tactical breakout sessions for Interise businesses led by business experts and entrepreneurs. Plus, StreetWise ‘MBA’ instructor training and convening of Interise’s national partnership network.


Aligning the pieces: Tracks come together in mixed working groups to further support Interise businesses and inform economic development goals.


Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor - 101 Harborside Dr, Boston, MA 02128

All sessions – all days – happen here.

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Together, we can solve wealth inequality and create a balanced and inclusive economy that works for everyone.