The agenda for Interise2020 is being developed collaboratively with you and by you, and all the visionaries, practitioners, and small businesses that are actively changing the model of economic development.

*Please note that exact timing of sessions are subject to change.*

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  • Monday

    March 9, 2020

  • Tuesday

    March 10, 2020

  • Wednesday

    March 11, 2020

  • This facilitated session will explore the distinction between entrepreneur and venture development programs and how economic development leaders and practitioners can support women and entrepreneurs of color through programs designed to teach business model validation skills and the entrepreneurial mindset. Drawing on the work of Ken Harrington and the presenter’s work running a business model validation program for early stage IT, bioscience and consumer/manufactured product entrepreneurs, the session will look at how these programs differ from traditional incubators and accelerators, what outcomes (pivot, partner or perish) can be used to measure success, and how programs can foster diversity, equity and inclusion in regional entrepreneurship ecosystems through intentional outreach and program design that goes beyond traditional business training and technical assistance.
    Practitioner Track

  • Hear from trailblazers and innovators who are connecting capital solutions to the small business owners who need it most: cooperative capital, closed loop capital, venture capital, and more.
    Business Owner Track

  • This may come as a surprise: being incredibly busy and overcommitted isn’t sexy. In fact, it isn’t attractive in the least. People think if they are rushing from appointment to appointment, showing up “on time,” making excuses for their tardiness, that they look “important.” This is the great illusion of modern professional times. Not only is this kind of overbooking unsexy, it can (and likely will) compromise your best efforts to promote your business, win over new clients, and establish the reputation you need for enduring sales.
    Business Owner Track

  • Hear from CEO's from across the country who partner with state, city, and nonprofit workforce development programs to hire people in recovery, returning citizens, at-risk youth, and those at risk of human trafficking. They are impacting their community while fulfilling their hiring needs and maintaining successful growth and profit margins.
    Business Owner Track